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Damn that Murphy! - sy4
Damn that Murphy!
I was working on a project last night with a smaller screwdriver, pressing down hard (no drill) while holding the piece of metal down with my right hand, my left index finger opposite to the screw I'm working on. As I was pushing down trying to force the screwdriver forward, I was thinking to myself, "I need to be careful or I'm going to put this thing right through my finger."

Immediately after I thought those words the screwdriver slips and it stabs straight into my left index finger. My brain short circuits to my inner neanderthal and I start yelling and hopping about in the cave man war dance. After I had placated the angry gods with my dance, I was looking at my finger while it bled everywhere thinking to myself, "Hmmmm... this looks pretty bad. Should I go to the hospital and get stitches or should I just butterfly and bandage it and hope for the best?"

So I rummaged around my junk drawer and found some gauze and some medical tape and taped the thing up. About an hour later it had bled through the bandage, which was annoying because I was reading and now I have blood on my book. That means I have to burn the book when I get done so no one can clone me in some mad experiment. One of me is enough, thank you, I don't need some Good Twin wandering around annoying the world with happy-joy nonsense. Dissenters, EFF you.

When I pulled the bandage off this morning it actually didn't look too bad. The blood was a lot worse than the wound. But it's at such an awkward place. No picking of the nose, no scratching of the butt, no sniffing of the finger after interesting explorations, etc. Were I inclined to do such things, that is.

Mostly, I am having some trouble typing because I can't feel the little nub on the 'F' key that allows my hand to unconsciously find the right position. My hand keeps searching and searching until my brain nudges me gently and says, "Look down a sec" which, of course, I must do to place my hand properly.

That is an odd sensation. Your hand unconsciously searching and searching while you're conscious mind starts planning what it's going to do next, and the subconscious mind saying, "Hold the phone... what's the hand doing? *nudge* look down a sec."

A bit surreal, that.
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baronlaw From: baronlaw Date: January 25th, 2012 05:23 am (UTC) (Link)


I still have a "cross" shaped scar on my left pointer finger from a slip with a phillips screwdriver.
sy4 From: sy4 Date: January 26th, 2012 01:01 am (UTC) (Link)
i have to laugh because many of my friends have responded telling me they all have similar scars.
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