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sy4's Journal

11 September
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Saving the world because that's what I do.
absinthe, adult swim, aeon flux, afcea, agent provocateur, akira kurosawa, all positions, anal, angelina jolie, anime, aoc, asians, ayn rand, bass, bo derek, breasts, cheerleaders, cheese, chess, clubs, community service, cool water, corsets, cosmology, counterculture, crayola crayons, crotchless, cryptanalysis, cryptology, current affairs, current events, dharma, dotanuki, eastern orthodox, einstein, electronic warfare, espionage, eurasians, europeans, executive protection, extreme sports, fann wong, flirt, foreign affairs, foreign films, freaking, frederick's, geekgirls, gin and tonic, guinness, guns, gym, hacking, hapas, harry potter, hawking, hiking, information warfare, intelligence community, international relations, jeans, jet skiing, kabob, la perla, legos, liv tyler, lone wolf and cub, marksmanship, martial arts, mensa, mercenaries, merlot, michael michelle, military, mocha latte, monica bellucci, movies, mp3s, mr potato head, music, national defense, national security, naughty beads, naughty girls, nibbling, nice girls, ninja burger, nudity, objectivism, oral, orange cream sobe, philosophy, physics, pierced nipples, pinky and the brain, pinups, playdo, politics, ponygirls, public sex, pubs, reconnaissance, rimming, s, samurai, samurai jack, sex, shibari, shogi, signals analysis, simpsons, skydiving, sleep, snorkeling, snow skiing, space-time, spanking, special operations, special relativity, starbucks, supermodels, surveillance, taoism, terrorism, the tick, theology, thongs, tobasco, trance, travel, ukraine, vodka, volunteerism, water skiing, winnie the pooh, women, x-files, xiangqi