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Update your zombie plan! Fast movers! - sy4
Update your zombie plan! Fast movers!
And might I remind everybody that any successful zombie plan has at least two strategies. Most zombie plans account for the traditional and more common shamblers. However, the increased frequency of fast mover outbreaks necessitates that every zombie plan includes a fast mover contingency. Fast movers are the much greater threat until the disease runs its course and the larger numbers start to die off, turning into shamblers.

Until then, you face a threat that is much faster and much stronger than you, which means that a stand up fight is pretty much suicidal for anyone but the most well-trained and well-equipped. However, no zombie is a great thinker. They may not all be completely mindless, but you will always have an advantage in this regard. Your brain is your greatest asset - use it! If you don't use your brain, the zombies surely will.

Update your zombie plan!

Be prepared, stay alert --> stay alive.
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